Yucatan Peninsula

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Yucatan Peninsula Saltwater Adventure 5
Yucatan Peninsula Saltwater Adventure 4
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Hosted Fly Fishing trip to the Yucatan in May 2018!

After fishing multiple places on the Yucatan in Mexico from Campeche to Belize I’ve settled on this place were it all began. A quiet little town near the southern boarder of Mexico with Belize.

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What makes this place unique is the location of the lodge and the people. The area has gotten a little more popular in the last ten years but frankly where hasn’t. The Town still has the same guides and a few new ones most of them I have fished with over the last 10 trips. Some I call family and would not go there with out fishing with them. They are very kind and sociable the way we all have experience traveling to Mexico 30 years ago. All speak enough English or more than expected for sure.

I go with the expectations I will have the four guides I know and one extra that is new but phenomenal. We catch Bonefish , Permit, Barracuda, and baby Tarpon. Nearly every time we go one or two of the guests in our party catches a grand slam.

One of the qualities that make this area so great is its geography. We have the Ocean side that is behind the reef for many miles north and a little ways south. Then there’s the inside or Chetumal Bay which is absolutely huge and mostly undiscovered if your willing to run a little north up the inside. this gives us freedom to rome and NO big long bouncy run to start and end the day.

Research and experience has brought me to deciding on early May as the best time for a well rounded trip. The trade winds are shifting to a lighter SE direction, giving the outside (ocean side) a higher possibility of fishing multiple days. The sun which is optimal for saltwater fishing is high in the sky and the heat of summer has not hit full power. It is this warmer water too that brings Permit to the beaches and the migration north is strong. There’s even a chance at adult tarpon and the ever present bonefish are in large schools.

My Program runs like this:

Summarized version:
6 Days fishing 8 days in Mexico depending on US destination.
Fly in and out of Cancun (extra)
Base price= $2795 includes lodging, meals and guides..
Ground transportation is a share price usually about 200 each, depends a little on fuel price.

Lodging and guides hand picked from Hotel TIERRA MAYA Xcalak 

Trip is scheduled for May 1-9 Arrive in Cancun May 1 stay the night drive to Terra Maya check in the 2nd fish 3,4,5,6,7,8 and depart early the 9th.

We take groups up to 8 anglers. But with additional ground transportation can accommodate more. We like to be flexible! Non angling spouses are welcome..

As your host I will provide a basic fly box of good selections (12) and also offer up larger selections to purchase specifically for this trip as you wish to target species.

We fly and meet in Cancun on a week day arriving around 2-6 pm depending on were you fly from.

The Hotel near airport picks us up at air port for ONE night in Cancun.

Van rental company meets me at the hotel in the early AM I retrieve the van, pick up anglers back at Hotel. One leisurely day driving to Xcalak,,, Or drive like crazy get there string rods.

Meet and greet, make plans for guides to pick up on dock, have the first of Eduardo’s amazing meals.

Fish accordingly each day, adapt to conditions, tie flies, tell story, drink tequila, enjoy fantastic food.

One extra advantage is, we have our own transport, I happen to know a few spots to go off and  self fish, often this is great fishing if you can handle the long days in the sun..

Six days will fly by, we all get to fish with different guides, there all my favorites from the pool. I generally like to fish with each guest if possible.

At the end, the last supper so to speak, we invite the guides to join us or sometimes they come early the next day for breakfast and talk about the goofy stuff and the week of fishing.

We drive of early , drop the first departing guests and return the van and head for home from the Cancun air port.

• All in 6 days fishing 7 nights with GOOD tips, licensing, a little tequila, meals provided, private ground transportation from Cancun and one night in a hotel near the Cancun Airport will run about 3300 USD.

• Air fare bought early will run about 600 plus for round trip and Alaska Air is now running non stops to Cancun from Seattle !

ADD it all up and your fishing trip could run about $3900 from start to finish.

Contact us today at 253-307-2130 or email jeff@brazdasflyfishing.com for additional information or to book your Yucatan Peninsula or Baja Fishing adventure! We also offer great trips to Washington including: Olympic Peninsula Steelhead, Methow River Trout, Klickitat River Steelhead, Methow River Steelhead, and the Naches River Fly Fishing Trout trip. We look forward to hearing from you and fish always!

-Jeff Brazda