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Methow River steelhead fly fishing: THIS FISHERY IS TEMPORARILY CLOSED. Due to low flows in 2015 and warm ocean conditions in 2016 have reduced the survival of protected wild summer steelhead. We continue our conservation effort through TU Wild Steelheaders United in there tireless work helping conserve wild fish and the sport fishing industry..
The Columbia river has the worlds largest combined run of salmon and steelhead. The extent of conservation and technology developed to provide safe passage of smolt down stream and adults upstream has been paying dividends. With huge Chinook runs spawning throughout the Columbia and its tributary, the Methow River system is one of its gems with large runs of salmon, native cutthroat on the prowl, steelhead holding in every likely spot, and huge bull trout lurking. The Methow River is returning to the fishery I remember as a young boy and I am sure my grandfather is looking on with a huge smile.

The steelhead of the main stem originally were about 15 lbs. on average, with various smaller subspecies utilizing upper reaches and tributaries. Now, with Federal supplemental brood stocking influence, the Methow River steelhead run has returned substantially, and most of these fish are of the 4 to 10 lb. range with the larger native fish still there and returning better every season. We find a few steelhead over 15 pounds every season, and many of those are likely strays from the Snake River system.

Every season we are finding that more and more true wild steelhead are returning home to the Methow River. The supplemental brood stocking system is working wonders and accounts for half of our caught steelhead with another 25% or more being hatchery fish without adipose fins that we are happy to keep.

See below for an outline of our prices and feel free to call us at 253-307-3210 if you have any questions. You can also book this trip by emailing or filling out the inquiry form in the right hand sidebar.

Raft – Two Anglers $495 plus tax
Raft – single angler $395 plus tax

• Day Trips Include: lunch and guide, sometimes shuttle. Not included, Travel and Wa state sales tax, Washington state fishing Licenses, upper Columbia fishing endorsement.

• Simple River Side Lodging includes: Breakfast, lunch, potluck style dinners, guide, shuttle when available, any gear needed. Not Included: Washington State fishing license, Washington State tax, upper Columbia fishing endorsement and travel. Due to recent fire damage to the area this option is no longer available until the rebuild.

• View/Download our Cancellation policy: Here

If you are interested in setting up a Methow River steelhead fishing adventure, call us at 253-307-3210 or email We also offer other great trips to other areas of Washington including: Olympic Peninsula Steelhead, Methow River Trout, Klickitat River Steelhead, Yakima River Fly Fishing, and the Naches River Fly Fishing Trout trip. We look forward to hearing from you and fish always!

-Jeff Brazda