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Klickitat River Steelhead fly fishing:
Washington State’s Klickitat River is well known for its hard fighting run of fall steelhead and salmon, and recent years’ action has been very good. Considered by some to be the “hardest fighting steelhead” of any Columbia River tributary, and I find that to be true as well. With a possibility of 20 pound fish, fly fishing the Klickitat River is a favorite among die-hard steelhead anglers. I fish it the most in September when the big push of fresh fish meets the optimum water temps for the dry line and Skagit style swing. It also fishes well late in November and I find myself there when the Methow River starts to freeze.

WE HAVE AN UNEXPECTED HIGHER RETURN OF HATCHERY STEELHEAD NOW IN : Book a June through August trip now for these early return steelhead!

The best time to fish here is September through November when the fish numbers are best. Both Chinook Salmon and the fall run Steelhead push into the river en mass as water temps drop at the start of September. If you are interested in fishing some of the best waters for steelhead and salmon, call us at 253-307-3210 or email jeff@brazdasflyfishing.com to book your Washington fly fishing adventure today. We can handle any size group and can customize an adventure based on your skills and goals. Thank you for choosing Brazda’s Fly Fishing and we look forward to providing a great Klickitat River fly fishing experience for you!

Book early for the LODGING special, this is a real deal, time and hassle saver! Lodging special is availability specific. Call 253-307-3210 or email jeff@brazdasflyfishing.com for details. You can also book a trip by filling out the form in the right hand sidebar. We look forward to hearing from you!

Drift Boat – Two Anglers $525 plus tax
Drift boat – One angler $450 plus tax

• Day Trips Include: lunch and guide, sometimes shuttle. Not included: Washington State sales tax, Washington State fishing licenses, upper Columbia fishing endorsement and travel.

• View/Download our Cancellation policy: Here

If you are interested in Klickitat River Steelhead fly fishing, call us at 253-307-3210 or email jeff@brazdasflyfishing.com. We also offer great trips to other areas of Washington including: Methow River Steelhead, Olympic Peninsula Steelhead, Yakima River Fly Fishing, and the Naches River Fly Fishing Trout trip. We look forward to hearing from you and fish always!

-Jeff Brazda