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new-website-1-5rsNews for 2017, Reservoirs are full 100%. With snow still in the mountains this will be a big water year but remains to be dispersed through irrigation.
This summers trout fishery will with out a doubt be good. Lots of water may be some of an issue to the angler but the TOUT love it and what they need is what’s important.
Summertime on the Yakima River is blessed with three things: wild trout, good water flows and summer stones. MORE recently with the consistent runs of SALMON the trout sre becoming predatory and the streamer patrol dominates large catches. Wild trout are cutthroat and rainbows with cutties in the upper river above the diversion for the most part. Wild rainbows – both “red sides” and “Gerard” are throughout the system Cut – Bows predominantly above Thorp area. We have 70 miles of guide-able water in the area for fly fishing with a very diverse set of conditions. The Yakima River above Roza Dam consists of two majestic river canyons, large flats and braided areas, connected by a ten mile section of large log jams and cut-banks.  This also Includes spring creek attributes up near Cle Elum and a freestone geography through out.

yakima-river-cutty-1rsThe summer stones offer the trout and angler opportunity, food in big bites for trout and flies in big dries for the angler. The hatch runs from July into September and is the prevailing food source. Along with hoppers, beetles, crane flies and ants, you could say that the Yakima River is exclusively “big bug” game. Well it’s not completely but I have never fished the Yakima River without using some kind of stonefly or terrestrial during the summer months.

So what does this mean for us as anglers? It means we can choose to fish the dry fly nearly anytime with one that is large and visible and do this on the move from a drift boat covering many miles a day. The high summertime flows offer a “run and gun” style of angling that is very technical in casting and rewarding when it comes together in the act of getting trout to rise inches from cover to our offerings.

The shoulder months offer complete counteraction to the high water of summer. Yakima River fly fishing during Springtime often calls for fish changing conditions requiring streamers, heavy nymphing, and fishing specific zones for specific hatches. Spring we have the opportunity to fish on risers with a variety of insects from Green or Grey Drakes to Caddis and Skwalla Stones. Yakima Trout -1-4 LaFontain Caddis

The fall season again changes the conditions on the Yakima when the days become shorter and the water drops from 3-4 thousand cfs. to 1200 cfs. and lower. We fish much smaller hatches like 16-20 size Mahogany Duns and Blue Winged Olives etc.. Then there’s the “egg drop” which follows a completely different set of rules, if you will. This time frame also brings out the big guys gorging on the best food of the year fattening up for winter… and it can be a spectacle! If you are interested in going on a fun and exciting Yakima River fly fishing adventure, see below for an outline of prices. For more information about Washington fly fishing call us at 253-307-3210 or email jeff@brazdasflyfishing.com, you can also get the booking process started by filling out the form in the right hand sidebar.

Drift Boat Guide – Two Anglers $425 plus tax
Drift Boat Guide – One Angler $375 plus tax
Customized Yakima River fully hosted cooperate trips available. Price dependent on Venue.

Day trips include: Guide, lunch and gear. Not Included: Washington State tax, fishing license or travel.

Private Lodging: Guide, breakfast, lunch, dinner, shuttle and gear. Not included: Washington state tax, fishing license or travel.

View/Download our Cancellation Policy: Here

If you are interested in setting up a Yakima River fly fishing adventure, call us at 253-307-3210 or email jeff@brazdasflyfishing.com. We also offer great trips to other areas of Washington including: Olympic Peninsula Steelhead, Methow River Trout, Klickitat River Steelhead, Methow River Steelhead, and the Naches River Fly Fishing Trout trip. We look forward to hearing from you and fish always!

-Jeff Brazda