Rainbow Trout

Yakima River Fly Fishing Trip

Fish the best run and gun dry fly fishing in the west, Summer stones, Hoppers, Terrestrials. Drift boat fly fishing and private lodging on the Yakima River.

Naches River Trout Trip

Another great fly fishing opportunity wile fishing in the Yakima River area is the Naches River, located southwest of Ellensburg. The Naches flows into the Yakima River near Yakima, Washington. This smaller cousin to the Yakima with a recent C&R regulation has become a notable trout stream that has native Cutthroat and Bull Trout as well as good numbers of Rainbow trout. The federally protected bull trout are not a target and won't be fished for. It's the Cutthroat that draw our attention and the larger sized Cutt-Bows that find dry flies irresistible. With a good supply of hoppers and summer stones, there is no shortage of good sized insects to tempt the rising Cutthroat. The Naches River is a must-fish for any visitor or resident trout fisherman in Washington. The Naches is easily reached from Ellensburg and the Yakima View B&B. I commonly visit this stream on multi-day trips giving the angler a great variety of angling opportunities. The Naches River fly fishes best from late June into July and August. See below for an outline of our Naches River fly fishing excursions pricing and call 253-307-3210 or email jeff@brazdasflyfishing.com for more information. You can also get the booking process started by filling out the form in the right hand sidebar. Natches River Drift Boat Guide - Two Anglers $475 plus tax Natches River Guide - With Lodging $325 per person • Day Trips Include: Guide, Lunch and gear. Not Included: Washington State tax, fishing license and travel. • Private Lodging Includes: Guide, breakfast, lunch, dinner, shuttle and gear. Not included: Washington State tax, fishing license or travel. • View/Download our Cancellation Policy: Here If you are interested in a Naches River Fly Fishing trip, call us at 253-307-3210 or email jeff@brazdasflyfishing.com. We also offer guided adventures to other areas of Washington including: Methow River Steelhead, Olympic Peninsula Steelhead, Yakima River Fly Fishing, Klickitat River Steelhead and Salmon and the Methow River Trout trip.

Methow River Trout Fishing

News For 2017: I am going to hold off guiding the trout season here again this summer. For three reasons one; the fires and the floods the last few years have devastated the LOCAL resident populations of trout in stretches below Beaver creek and I feel they need to be left alone for a while. Two; the upper stretches that still have good populations wont be needing additional pressure from anglers, I don't want to be part of condensed angling if I can help it.  Compounded pressure on healthy stocks is not good and happens enough when we have WDFW closures. Three; With upper Columbia ESA listed wild steelhead fighting to return from poor ocean survival and drought it again would not be ecologically sound to expose additional harm of indecently catching immature wild steelhead with dry flies. The Methow River is a world class steelhead river, but did you know that it is also an awesome trout river? "The Met" as we call it, has the largest trout of any float-able river in Washington State. I have seen bull trout over 20 pounds and Cutt-Bows in the seven pound range. The Methow is a very diverse river that brings all the regular insect life with an addition of large runs of salmon that provide huge amounts of food for the resident trout population. With some of the state's best hopper fishing and world class sized cutthroats, The Methow River is at the top of my list for adventure angling in Washington State. The Methow is free of any flood control dams; hence the area has a natural spring snow run-off and is dependent on that for angling timing. For best results, we begin fishing it at or around 2500 cfs. and this typically begins in July on an average year. However, don't wait for the water - book your trip ahead of time and we can adapt at the time of your booking should we need