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Hard Work and vigilance has to pay off someday right? Well after 17 years guiding on the Olympic Peninsula, “starting in a wall tent” we have purchased a newer home in the Sol Duc valley. Christmas came early and as somewhat of a surprise beginning last summer when the lease we had going deteriorated unannounced. Never wanting to hop off the ride of life we jumped right back in with both feet.

We have big plans on the conversion to more of our style in a house for entertaining guests and providing a home base and service for the guides, friends and family alike. The path that life has led us on has taken a slight change in direction but again it’s a ride on a river and we are up for the challenge.

Here are some of the photos of the new place and we will post as we go on the conversion that I am sure will take a while.

With artwork By Jesse Purdom @pacificmetalarts on the dining table, Bob McLean steel arts of Twin Bridges MT., Tosh Brown Photography throughout the lodge, personal pics, many faces of guests and guides included have really placed a family feel to the lodge.

Wonderful food enjoyed amongst friends and anglers


My own designs and building of end tables, night stands and basic amendments to the furniture and special angler needs makes it a true second home and fishing lodge for myself and guide partners. We can accommodate 8 anglers and have the guides and private catering onsite as well. Following the program developed over years of adaption. We deliver a unique in depth exposure to the culture of fly fishing for Olympic Peninsula steelhead and the guide life it supports. Gear work , fly tying, steelhead conservation all spoken in depth nightly and carried out over our favorite adult beverages. We still enforce the tequila tradition, Patron or Don Julio shots for all when a guests catches a 20 pound steelhead.

Weather can be interesting.

Even some great steel heading ..

One of our angling tradition is the second shift commonly, other services tend to race for the bottom of the river. Here at the WILD DUC we stroll on out to the river at a decent hour working in tune with what the weather and steelhead are doing recently.

While we try to always make the trip the best it can be we sometimes have to just let nature show us the way. The steelhead will be here and in the lime light for many years to come. This is but one age in the progress of angling history. Come and see what we can offer in the ways of angling tradition, success and enjoyment on the river with friends.
Thank you for making this all possible, Jeff Brazda and the guides at Brazdas fly fishing..