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Wild Duc Lodge

"WILD DUC LODGE" The "Wild Duc Lodge" is the base of operations for Brazda's Fly Fishing during the winter steelhead season and our exclusive, full service Olympic Peninsula fly fishing lodge. Our lodge, located on the Sol Duc River just minutes from Forks, Washington is the perfect venue for targeting the world renowned steelhead of the OP. We customize our fully hosted lodging and fly fishing packages to cater to your group, be it a corporate business trip or family fishing get together. The giant winter steelhead of the upper Olympic Peninsula provide a world class fishery in of itself and combined with our first class fishing lodge, we offer the finest winter steelhead fly fishing experience in Washington state or abroad. At Brazda's fly fishing's Wild Duc Lodge we do more than guide anglers to incredible steelhead fishing, we offer a close, intimate look into the steelheading culture of the Pacific Northwest. Here we immerse the angler into the entire atmosphere of guiding and chasing wild steelhead. 2017 season Wild Duc Lodge 2017 season Wild Duc Lodge 2017 season Wild Duc Lodge 2017 season Wild Duc Lodge 2017 season Wild Duc Lodge 2017 season Wild Duc Lodge Our lodge operation offers custom catering of fine foods and culture of the rain forest here on the Olympic Peninsula. With a full staff of steelhead fly fishing guides, private chef and service providers we are confident you will find our Olympic Peninsula fly fishing lodge second to none in steelhead adventures. 2017 steelhead Photo gallery Lodge Gallery Local guided steelhead rivers include the Queets River, Clearwater River, Hoh River, Bogachiel River, Sold Duc River and Calawah River. Read more about Olympic Peninsula Steelhead Fly Fishing here. With all these miles of fabulous steelhead water we are positive we can please the most hardened steelhead junkie or the beginning over achiever. Since we offer a range of custom packages please call for prices and operational timelines. Contact

Yakima River Fly Fishing Trip

News for 2017, Reservoirs are full 100%. With snow still in the mountains this will be a big water year but remains to be dispersed through irrigation. This summers trout fishery will with out a doubt be good. Lots of water may be some of an issue to the angler but the TOUT love it and what they need is what's important. Summertime on the Yakima River is blessed with three things: wild trout, good water flows and summer stones. MORE recently with the consistent runs of SALMON the trout sre becoming predatory and the streamer patrol dominates large catches. Wild trout are cutthroat and rainbows with cutties in the upper river above the diversion for the most part. Wild rainbows - both "red sides" and "Gerard" are throughout the system Cut - Bows predominantly above Thorp area. We have 70 miles of guide-able water in the area for fly fishing with a very diverse set of conditions. The Yakima River above Roza Dam consists of two majestic river canyons, large flats and braided areas, connected by a ten mile section of large log jams and cut-banks.  This also Includes spring creek attributes up near Cle Elum and a freestone geography through out. The summer stones offer the trout and angler opportunity, food in big bites for trout and flies in big dries for the angler. The hatch runs from July into September and is the prevailing food source. Along with hoppers, beetles, crane flies and ants, you could say that the Yakima River is exclusively "big bug" game. Well it’s not completely but I have never fished the Yakima River without using some kind of stonefly or terrestrial during the summer months. So what does this mean for us as anglers? It means we can choose to fish the dry fly nearly anytime with one that is large and visible and do this on the move from a drift boat covering many miles a day.

Naches River Trout Trip

Another great fly fishing opportunity wile fishing in the Yakima River area is the Naches River, located southwest of Ellensburg. The Naches flows into the Yakima River near Yakima, Washington. This smaller cousin to the Yakima with a recent C&R regulation has become a notable trout stream that has native Cutthroat and Bull Trout as well as good numbers of Rainbow trout. The federally protected bull trout are not a target and won't be fished for. It's the Cutthroat that draw our attention and the larger sized Cutt-Bows that find dry flies irresistible. With a good supply of hoppers and summer stones, there is no shortage of good sized insects to tempt the rising Cutthroat. The Naches River is a must-fish for any visitor or resident trout fisherman in Washington. The Naches is easily reached from Ellensburg and the Yakima View B&B. I commonly visit this stream on multi-day trips giving the angler a great variety of angling opportunities. The Naches River fly fishes best from late June into July and August. See below for an outline of our Naches River fly fishing excursions pricing and call 253-307-3210 or email for more information. You can also get the booking process started by filling out the form in the right hand sidebar. Natches River Drift Boat Guide - Two Anglers $475 plus tax Natches River Guide - With Lodging $325 per person • Day Trips Include: Guide, Lunch and gear. Not Included: Washington State tax, fishing license and travel. • Private Lodging Includes: Guide, breakfast, lunch, dinner, shuttle and gear. Not included: Washington State tax, fishing license or travel. • View/Download our Cancellation Policy: Here If you are interested in a Naches River Fly Fishing trip, call us at 253-307-3210 or email We also offer guided adventures to other areas of Washington including: Methow River Steelhead, Olympic Peninsula Steelhead, Yakima River Fly Fishing, Klickitat River Steelhead and Salmon and the Methow River Trout trip.

Methow River Trout Fishing

News For 2017: I am going to hold off guiding the trout season here again this summer. For three reasons one; the fires and the floods the last few years have devastated the LOCAL resident populations of trout in stretches below Beaver creek and I feel they need to be left alone for a while. Two; the upper stretches that still have good populations wont be needing additional pressure from anglers, I don't want to be part of condensed angling if I can help it.  Compounded pressure on healthy stocks is not good and happens enough when we have WDFW closures. Three; With upper Columbia ESA listed wild steelhead fighting to return from poor ocean survival and drought it again would not be ecologically sound to expose additional harm of indecently catching immature wild steelhead with dry flies. The Methow River is a world class steelhead river, but did you know that it is also an awesome trout river? "The Met" as we call it, has the largest trout of any float-able river in Washington State. I have seen bull trout over 20 pounds and Cutt-Bows in the seven pound range. The Methow is a very diverse river that brings all the regular insect life with an addition of large runs of salmon that provide huge amounts of food for the resident trout population. With some of the state's best hopper fishing and world class sized cutthroats, The Methow River is at the top of my list for adventure angling in Washington State. The Methow is free of any flood control dams; hence the area has a natural spring snow run-off and is dependent on that for angling timing. For best results, we begin fishing it at or around 2500 cfs. and this typically begins in July on an average year. However, don't wait for the water - book your trip ahead of time and we can adapt at the time of your booking should we need

Klickitat River Steelhead fly fishing Trip

Cool Water, its the life blood of all our Anadromous fisheries in Washington State. In recent seasons the Klickitat has been getting fish when others are not. In recent years the Deschutes has been running too warm for steelhead due to some "unfortunate decisions" to put it lightly. As a fishing guide we notice things about the river, I have notices a increase in our early summer run steelhead from normal. This could be from the warming of the famed Deschutes, not sure but we are happy that there are some around and looking forward to it in 2017.. Klickitat River Steelhead fly fishing: Washington State's Klickitat River is well known for its hard fighting run of fall steelhead and salmon, and recent years' action has been very good. Considered by some to be the "hardest fighting steelhead" of any Columbia River tributary, and I find that to be true as well. With a possibility of 20 pound fish, fly fishing the Klickitat River is a favorite among die-hard steelhead anglers. I start to fish it consistently in September when the big push of fresh fish meets the optimum water temps for the dry line and Skagit style swing. It fishes well late into November until closing Nov. 30. The best time to fish here is September through October when the fish numbers are best, larger steelhead tend to run late into November. Both Chinook Salmon and the fall run Steelhead push into the river en mass as water temps drop at the start of September. If you are interested in fishing some of the best waters for steelhead and salmon, call us at 253-307-3210 or email to book your Washington fly fishing adventure today. We can handle any size group and can customize an adventure based on your skills and goals. Thank you for choosing Brazda's Fly Fishing and we look forward to providing a great Klickitat River fly fishing experience for you!   Drift

Methow River Steelhead fly fishing

Methow River steelhead fly fishing: THIS FISHERY IS TEMPORARILY CLOSED. Due to low flows in 2015 and warm ocean conditions in 2016 have reduced the survival of protected wild summer steelhead. We continue our conservation effort through TU Wild Steelheaders United in there tireless work helping conserve wild fish and the sport fishing industry.. The Columbia river has the worlds largest combined run of salmon and steelhead. The extent of conservation and technology developed to provide safe passage of smolt down stream and adults upstream has been paying dividends. With huge Chinook runs spawning throughout the Columbia and its tributary, the Methow River system is one of its gems with large runs of salmon, native cutthroat on the prowl, steelhead holding in every likely spot, and huge bull trout lurking. The Methow River is returning to the fishery I remember as a young boy and I am sure my grandfather is looking on with a huge smile. The steelhead of the main stem originally were about 15 lbs. on average, with various smaller subspecies utilizing upper reaches and tributaries. Now, with Federal supplemental brood stocking influence, the Methow River steelhead run has returned substantially, and most of these fish are of the 4 to 10 lb. range with the larger native fish still there and returning better every season. We find a few steelhead over 15 pounds every season, and many of those are likely strays from the Snake River system. Every season we are finding that more and more true wild steelhead are returning home to the Methow River. The supplemental brood stocking system is working wonders and accounts for half of our caught steelhead with another 25% or more being hatchery fish without adipose fins that we are happy to keep. See below for an outline of our prices and feel free to call us at 253-307-3210 if you have any questions. You can also book this trip by emailing or filling out

Olympic Peninsula Steelhead

Giant Winter Run Steelhead: Brazda's Olympic Peninsula Fly Fishing guides are the best of the best and we know OP steelhead and how to find them. 2017 summary; Our season experienced the coldest wettest winter steelhead fishing ever in my guiding career. More snowy days than the last ten years combined and obviously more rain than ever. We lost a total of 13 days in the 90 day season so we actually did quite well. Again fishing high water was a challenge but it was good for the fish and that matters most! The take away from 2017 was that the wild fish run appears to be in good shape and consistently entering the rivers from January through the end of April. A positive change from the dramatic peaks of run in March.. The wild steelhead fly fishing on the Olympic Peninsula is most often considered the best steelhead fishing in the entire nation. With the ever present El Diablo of wild winter steelhead many anglers say its WORLD CLASS FLY FISHING. Any date January through April can easily be the best day of steelhead fishing for the entire year. The area boasts not just one great steelhead river, but 6 all within an easy drive of Forks Washington. The Olympic Peninsula is known for its giant wild winter Steelhead. Catches over 20 lbs. are common every season and the last few have brought the biggest fish I have seen in over twenty years of angling in the region. Join me on your next trip to find the always elusive and majestic wild steelhead of the Olympic Peninsula. We often fish double hand Skagit techniques as well as on the move from drift boats. See below for an outline of fees, for more information or to book a trip feel free to give us a call at 253-307-3210 or Email We can answer any questions you may have about our Washington fly fishing guided trips or talk

Baja Mexico Fishing

News for 2017, The Sardine run has been reduced naturally and commercially and has taken its toll on this fishery. Mostly in the availability to catch these wonderful Rooster fish and Dorado. For me I'm going to hold off on this one for a bit.. The great Peninsula separating the Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Cortez is home to some of the greatest fly fishing adventure yet to be discovered. Every year new areas are pioneered and new fly fishing options are found. The opportunity is endless for the adventure angler; I don't think anyone could cover them all. My first visit to the Baja Peninsula was back in 1985 when Cabo was a pile of unset bricks and Cabo Wabo and Senior Frogs were just beginning. Now a days, I cringe at the thought of driving south to the Cabo Airport. That aside, the fishing, the weather and the views are still pretty amazing. What we do here is plan trips around the La Paz area using two different services that provide two distinct options. One trip we stay and fish right out of La Paz launching from the local marina traveling out to various locations in search for our quarry. This option is best suited for the family style with accommodations equal to the close-in fishing. The service uses American made boats with local captains. We dine out in the town nightly and have much more time in port on a daily basis. The other option is a daily travel to the outskirts, south of La Paz to East Cape and Half Moon bay. Here, we meet up with a group of fishing guides and launch daily on the beach. This is geared towards the hardcore angler looking for a location a little ways off the beaten path. From the launch site, we will commonly travel 30 minutes to an hour back to the bait and start our fishing there. The fishing

Yucatan Peninsula

Hosted Fly Fishing trip to the Yucatan in May 2018! After fishing multiple places on the Yucatan in Mexico from Campeche to Belize I've settled on this place were it all began. A quiet little town near the southern boarder of Mexico with Belize. Last trip Photogallery What makes this place unique is the location of the lodge and the people. The area has gotten a little more popular in the last ten years but frankly where hasn't. The Town still has the same guides and a few new ones most of them I have fished with over the last 10 trips. Some I call family and would not go there with out fishing with them. They are very kind and sociable the way we all have experience traveling to Mexico 30 years ago. All speak enough English or more than expected for sure. I go with the expectations I will have the four guides I know and one extra that is new but phenomenal. We catch Bonefish , Permit, Barracuda, and baby Tarpon. Nearly every time we go one or two of the guests in our party catches a grand slam. One of the qualities that make this area so great is its geography. We have the Ocean side that is behind the reef for many miles north and a little ways south. Then there's the inside or Chetumal Bay which is absolutely huge and mostly undiscovered if your willing to run a little north up the inside. this gives us freedom to rome and NO big long bouncy run to start and end the day. Research and experience has brought me to deciding on early May as the best time for a well rounded trip. The trade winds are shifting to a lighter SE direction, giving the outside (ocean side) a higher possibility of fishing multiple days. The sun which is optimal for saltwater fishing is high in the sky and the heat