Baja Mexico Fishing

Rooster fish- Dorado 2013-5
Rooster fish- Dorado 2013-8
Rooster fish- Dorado 2013-10
Rooster fish- Dorado 2013-11
Rooster fish- Dorado 2013-13
Rooster fish- Dorado 2013-18
Rooster fish- Dorado 2013-20
Rooster fish- Dorado 2013-22
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News for 2017, The Sardine run has been reduced naturally and commercially and has taken its toll on this fishery. Mostly in the availability to catch these wonderful Rooster fish and Dorado. For me I’m going to hold off on this one for a bit..

The great Peninsula separating the Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Cortez is home to some of the greatest fly fishing adventure yet to be discovered. Every year new areas are pioneered and new fly fishing options are found. The opportunity is endless for the adventure angler; I don’t think anyone could cover them all.

My first visit to the Baja Peninsula was back in 1985 when Cabo was a pile of unset bricks and Cabo Wabo and Senior Frogs were just beginning. Now a days, I cringe at the thought of driving south to the Cabo Airport. That aside, the fishing, the weather and the views are still pretty amazing.

What we do here is plan trips around the La Paz area using two different services that provide two distinct options. One trip we stay and fish right out of La Paz launching from the local marina traveling out to various locations in search for our quarry. This option is best suited for the family style with accommodations equal to the close-in fishing. The service uses American made boats with local captains. We dine out in the town nightly and have much more time in port on a daily basis.

The other option is a daily travel to the outskirts, south of La Paz to East Cape and Half Moon bay. Here, we meet up with a group of fishing guides and launch daily on the beach. This is geared towards the hardcore angler looking for a location a little ways off the beaten path. From the launch site, we will commonly travel 30 minutes to an hour back to the bait and start our fishing there.

The fishing in itself is very similar, we buy chum – whatever is running at the time – and venture forth to locations known by the skippers to have Roosterfish, Tuna, Dorado etc. When the Sardines are in and the Roosters are in pre-spawn, the fishing can be the best in the world for its kind. We commonly catch a multitude of species on simple Sardine patterns and dry lines. However, our target species will be either Roosterfish or Dorado depending on what’s best at the time.

Each season has thus far brought a different target and different level of fishing. It has always been a great time and good angling. Two seasons ago, the Sardines were in and the Roosters were in pre-spawn and the fishing was absolutely ballistic for all species. The most recent season, we had no sardines and used ballyhoo since the Roosters were in post-spawn and way offshore. The result was filled by Dorado schools in the hundreds. Some days were so thick we didn’t even use chum!

If you have any questions about our guided Baja fishing trip options or Washington fly fishing, please give us a call at 253-307-3210 or email We also have many other guided trip options, including: Yucatan Peninsula Fishing, Olympic Peninsula Steelhead, Methow River Trout, Klickitat River Steelhead, and the Naches River Fly Fishing trip. We look forward to hearing from you and fish always!

-Jeff Brazda