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Our Finland friend

Hi Jeff!
Thank you for the few days of fishing with you guys at Klickitat couple weeks ago. Please pass my regards to Andy and Aaron also! I enjoyed fishing with you guys and being patient with the newbie. The setting was brilliant and I liked the relaxed atmosphere in the house. I definitely need to remember to “sweep the bow” but I think at the end of the trip I almost got it. Catching the first King and Steelhead was on the to-do list for the trip and those goals were exceeded. Next time need to catch one on the swing.
I have been entertaining the idea to head out somewhere February, March, April timeframe. It all depends on the amount of tax return and what happens at work. If you have any ideas, please let me know.
Hope you guys have had good season at the Methow!

Regards, Petteri  Strömberg

Hope To Be Back Next Year!

Hi Jeff....Fred McCollum here. I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed fishing at the Bogy house lodge two weeks ago. The lodge was very comfortable, the food was great, your guides were extremely hard working and excellent. I didn't land as many fish as I hooked, but I guess that is not unusual! I even enjoyed fishing with Badaliance and that's good! I hope to be back next year!