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Good to the last cast

by on Sep.26, 2011, under All Categories, Fly Fishing Reports

Montana fishing

Brett Seng Photo

Another Montana trout season is in the books, Rooster is chasing fur and feathers, Joeis mopping up every last brown trout, Gary is sanding and building hot rods, Bubba is chasing a different tail at Montana State, Brett is of guiding elk on some mountain top, myself ,I am off to do what I do best,,,catch steelhead on the river of my childhood.

I will have to wait till November to fish with big Joe and Brett Seng aka Hollywood, they are coming out to hit every steelhead pool west of the Clearwater, that I am jealous of. I hope to head back to MT in late November-December for some Goose and Duck hunting but we will see how the steelhead runs hold up.

As I fish my way closer to the age my Grandfather was when he planted the fly fishing seed into my life of angling. I realize that this whole jurney is that of a lifestyle choice, friends, family and most of all fishing clients and guests make it all possible.

As I think back on the season I acomplished all that is required and most of that is not: forgot my luch and did the hike back, left the bugs I spent hours tying till midnight on the desk, lent out the rain coat and needed it, ran out of 3x (this can be brutal with big dries) and on the final day I was left with a fine anglers waders in the dry box UPS loves that one.

This is to thank all of you at the Stonefly Inn and especially my comrades for without them the journey would not be the life it is.

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Guides day off!

by on Sep.16, 2011, under All Categories

About a month ago Brett Seng and I were standing around The Stonefly Inn waiting on guests to arrive for our fishing day, since they were still in Indiana we had a day to go fish…Nothing of the ordinary type of  trip would do!

SO the boats rated at about 300 lbs,,,we had that covered with the cooler and just me. This little drifter would detail a little getting used to as it would nearly capsize with a good hook set.

If you don’t know, Brett is a fantastic photographer and these are what we ended up with, it also helps that the Brown Trout were nearly jumping in the boat it was so good!

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Dry fly time,,,where’s the hoppers?

by on Aug.07, 2011, under Fly Fishing Reports

Shannon with her first Beaverhead brown trout

KT and Shannon,

The dry fly game begins anew,,,after some well needed leveling off of river flows and a month long disco ball in the sky we now are experiencing the normal weather patterns of SW Montana, afternoon thunder clouds!

With them come the occasional torrential down poor resulting in a slowdown/ complete stop of angling success but,,,,prior and post of the fast climactic change the dry fly fishing can be phenomenal. As trout fishing goes this will all change in a week or two and again make no sense what so ever.


The nymphing on the Beaverhead has become,,,,well,,, “Rictor Dude” as the young cool guides all say,,,I must have lost that with my hair on my dome long ago!

A good cloud cover brings on the caddis and mayfly hatch depending on daytime occurrence.

Fishing for GAY trout, another lesson in the nonsense of trout fishing, overcast on the Big Hole throw anything Purple on the surface = brown trout on the dry.

No Hoppers on parade YET.

The Big Hole Spruce Moth has not yet gotten the message; he fly’s around but will not fall dead on the water.

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Rolling along at the Stonefly!

by on Jul.27, 2011, under Fly Fishing Reports

We started the season with a Pig roast Party at the Roost and the rivers promptly blown out for two more weeks. Sometimes it’s tough to bring on the summer, we must have tried too hard as now we pray for cool temps and some clouds.

With high water we don’t get much picture shooting time as finding a stopping spot can be troublesome. ½ A dozen dropped strokes and were around the next bend and into the trees, that’s not easily forgotten, come tipping time. Attached are a few of the less risky ones….

More recently; the Beaverhead is flowing nice at around a grand and the POGO rig is in play, the water needs to flush out the silt from run-off below Monkey face rock then we should see some short leash opportunity. The big boys are out between the Dam and High Bridge and may have flushed down towards Hennaberry as we have been catching some nice bows down that way.

The Big Hole is finally down below 2k and the dry fly game is incredible with some clouds. Summer stones are very active and the early AM deal was rolling good back during the full moon.

The Madison? Well it’s the Madison and fishing every other day, best results around the West Fork and down to Mac.

 Hoppers are on deck and growing fast maybe we will get the hopper love this season, none as of yet though.

Fish allways, “Brazdas Fly Fishing”

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Day off fishing report from Twin Bridges MT.

by on Jul.06, 2011, under Fly Fishing Reports

Fly Fishing Montana

20 inch Rainbow

   Hot weather brings hot fishing. Seems we went from February to August in two weeks. The Big Hole is big water (still over 5k) and fishing with streamers on most days even in the bright sun and 90 degrees. Most recently (yesterday) the whitey bite has been insane and avoiding them is like avoiding rain in Forks or wind in Ellensburg. Large browns are on the streamer/little bug combo in the AM and again after 3 pm.

   The Beaverhead is as good as I have ever seen it both the pogo and the short leash are producing. Fished with an old friend and prior neighbor from 1980 Rodney Roland, we had a stellar day on the Beaverhead fly fishing his first time and landing trout over 20 inches a few times in the day to cap off an insane Sally bite.

   The guide story of the month comes from the Big Hole River a week ago Monday. As if fishing could not get any better, brown trout are attacking boats. We had a 2 ft brown trout surface on a streamer as the angler was recasting, as they do sometimes, while this one was doing its best impression of a Great White at the surface searching for the removed streamer it catches the disturbance of my right oar as we stroll down stream with me verbally wishing the streamer back to the searching brown. It literally turns on the oars entrance and attacks the tip then runs off.

   More from Twin and SW Montana on my next day off the river.

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Back to Montuckey,,, again!

by on Jun.21, 2011, under Fly Fishing Reports

June 7th I left for the season to Twin Bridges MT, (a full 10 days late) I new it may be short so I packed light in hopes of finding a place to live with plan b as a back-up (the fifth wheel). With no luck in five days rental hunting, three days guiding and 300% snow pack now melting off, found me right back in E-Burg packing the trailer for plan B. As luck would have it Rooster calls yesterday with Andy Nye standing in his office plugging a great two bedroom rental smack dab in the middle of Twin, guide shack number 12 has been found!

As for the 3 guide days? Jay Virnooche, Steve Wagner and myself pulled a full grown rabbit out of the hat three days in a row. The Mo was fluctuating every which way, the lake turned over and the brown streak from Prickly Pear to Craig had every boat in the county fishing RIGHT bank. We managed a dozen good Mo Bows each day and met some new friends and visited old friends, quite the resurection of the Winging it theme. Headhunters fly shop was there usual accommodative self right down to the shuttle drivers waiting on my 2:30 put in the first day!

The second stroke of luck is the Salmon fly has not hit full on yet and I may get my chance at season seven of the BIG BUG on the BIG HOLE. Funny how nature works, the calendar says June 21 but the season says Salmon fly a full 12 days later than average. Who knows it may still be a great hatch with a little more fisherman’s luck thrown in.

If your the wait and see type, tye up some big orange foam and gas up the go cart and head for Twin as its going to be a barn burner!

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Twin Bridges Montana Here I Come

by on May.14, 2009, under All Categories, Newsletters

Jefferson River

Montana Fly Fishing Page on my BRAND NEW web site at :smile:

I’ll be reporting on my blog as often as I can what’s happening here. Join me in Montana for a great Montana Fly Fishing Vacation. Comfortable accomodations will be available at the in Twin Bridges.

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